We install insulation, that's what we do!

We take pride in what we do. Over the years the saying has gone around insulation isn't rocket science. It is true it isn't rocket science but there is a right and a wrong  way to install insulation. As well as knowing which product to use in each installation and situation.


Save energy GreenGuard Environmental Institute
    • We install Fiberglass batts as well as Attic Blown In insulation.
    • We install Cellulose insulation in existing walls: Dense Pack or Drill n Fill.
    • We install Spray Foam insulation Open and Closed Cell.
    • We service Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial.
    • We spray 1/2 lb Open Cell and 2 lb Closed Cell,
    • We are a Certified BIBS (Blown In Blanket System) Contractor.
    • We are a Certified Owens Corning ProPink Complete (Blown In Wall System)Contractor.
    • We install foam insulation for windows, doors and penetrations and attic vents.
    • We do Attic Insulation Removal / Extraction (wet, moldy, contaminated or smoke damaged)
    • We do commercial fire stop.
    • We do commercial specialty installations.
Save energy Weatherization Sealing
  • We do Thermal Imaging scans using Flir Infared.
  • We do Drill and Fill existing sidewall insulation.
  • We install Attic Radiant Barrier (spray on) HeatBLOC Ultra.
  • We provide Free Estimates.
  • We guarantee our work for one year.
  • General Liability Insured.
  • Servicing 100 mile radius. Further away on a case by case basis.

Spray Foam         Radiant Barrier Spray On          Attic Insulation Removal        Blow In Blanket System

We install quality products from the leading names in the insulation industry. Spray foam we install 1/2 lb open cell, 2 lb closed cell.  The window and door foam we use is minimal expansion designed for windows and doors so it won't bow or warp a window frame. Great Stuff Pro is also a fire rated product. We also use Soudal Foam. HeatBlock-Ultra is our newest radiant heat barrier coating. It has the highest emissivity rating of any liquid product on the market today of .19. And our new Ultra product has almost no odor and very low VOCs so it is an even more environmentally friendly product than our Heat Bloc 75.  We also do Attic Insulation Removal or Extraction.

 Our goal is for the customer to have the assurance and peace of mind that with Arctic Express Insulation on the job, the job was done right. We encourage questions, their is no dumb question so don't be afraid to ask. So ask your question we will be happy to give you an answer.

 Please keep in mind that most fiberglass insulation is yellowish in color and white for attic blow. The only one that dyes the fiberglass a different color is Owens Corning, color doesn't make it insulate any better. There is now a new ECO Friendly Batt that is brownish. But all the materials/brands we use are of a consistent quality.

We are general Liability Insured for our Customers Protection. Contact us via email.

"We believe in doing the job right the first time"