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Arctic Express Insulation uses only quality materials:

 We want our customers to have the assurance they are getting a good product installed.

We install only brand names you can trust: Certainteed, Knauf, Bayer,  Guardian, Owens Corning,  Green Fiber,  CellPak, Certa Spray, Quadrant   and Ultra Touch.

All of the insulation products we install have at least 35% recycle in them.

  We have been asked why Arctic Express Insulation prefers Fiberglass insulation over Cellulose insulation. We do install Cellulose if a customer prefers or if the cellulose insulation would work better in a certain application. Two reasons why fiberglass: Nothing in the product to ever burn and the settling factor in attic blowing Fiberglass settles over time at 2% verses Cellulose at up to 20% in an attic blow in. When comparing Cellulose Wall Spray In to fiberglass you must compare it to fiberglass Blow in Blanket method. Which eliminates air from the cavity. A fiberglass Batt insulation does not make this claim. Apples to Apples Cellulose Wall Spray In and Fiberglass Blow In Blanket System. Also we can do BIBS with Cellulose blown insulation instead of fiberglass.

Spray foam is a fantastic insulator. Its sealing factor greatly enhances the R-value or resistance factor. It is more expensive than fiberglass or cellulose but the savings and comfort is a noticable plus. Metal buildings, warehouses, new homes and existing homes. Call us today!

See what the NAIMA North American Insulation Manufacturers Association has to say about Fiberglass and Cellulose: NAIMA Insulation Facts #35: Click Here

NAIMA's Fire Resistance Testing of Cellulose Insulation Note that according to the North American Insulation Manufacturers' Association, the chemical treatment of cellulose insulation does not make cellulose insulation "non-combustible" nor does it prevent smoldering type ignition of the material. Cellulose insulation is tested for fire resistance using ASTM C-739. It has also long been our opinion that the chemical retardant treatment, however effective it may be, may deteriorate over time or especially if the insulation is exposed to water - say from a roof or wall leak.

We do install Cellulose Insulation in certain applications. Example: Drill and Fill method or also known as Dense pack blowing existing exterior walls, cellulose insulation is a good product for this. Cellulose insulation is finer and packs better for this application.
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Is Fiberglass Insulation a safe product? The American Lung Association: Click Here



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